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In REMLE we want to provide to the major part of professionals an easy access to all our products and services. That is why we constantly work to be closer to our customers and meet their needs.

REMLE has a logistics center located in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona), prepared to offer the best service and attention to our customers and delegations.

The warehouse has a total area of 5.000m2 and 30.000m3 of storage, with an average capacity of 3.200 pallets to store. To manage the merchandise, we have a functional level with 7 loading and unloading docks.The warehouse has been equipped with leading-edge management technology.

Internally, it is distributed as follows:

- Reception area: this is where the goods are received, the delivery note is controlled, the product is identified and labeled with bar codes for later localization.

- Picking area: this is where the order management is carried out at ground level, up to a high of 2 meters.

- Horizontal carousels and multi-order station area: this is where we manage orders in an automated way, which can also be called, product to operator method. We work on a daily basis on the improvement and optimization of all areas and tasks and in particular, in the goods supply for the delegations, as well as order management with an average delivery time of 12 to 24 hours.

All that is possible due to the technology used through the management and control software:

- E.R.P./pg400

- Warehouse Management System (SGA)

- Integrated Movement Manager (GMI)