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Dicore it is a REMLE’s brand created in 2000.

Our mission? The mission of DICORE it is offer to our customers the best spare parts, accessories and air condition machines. In DICORE you will find the best solution for you, based on your necessities and characteristics. Also, our air condition machines are the perfect choice to get a good energetic efficiency!

We encourage you to discover some of the best products related to air condition machines! If you need another product that does not appear on this page, please contact us. For more information about DICORE click here

Remember that, if you have questions or you can’t find the product that you are looking for, you can contact us. Our expert team will help you to find the suitable spare parts for the appliances you need.

In addition, if among our extensive catalogue of references you do not find the spare parts you are looking for, you can ask for the urgent product search service, through which we assure you to find them within 24 hours.

Savings with the your appliances reparation

Everyday more people are taking the decision to repair, rather than buy a new appliance for its many advantages. Thanks to this action, you will be able to give a second life to your appliances, which will bring you significant economic benefits and will contribute to caring for the environment.

Most of the components are very easy to replace, so you can repair your appliance by yourself, without the need to require a technician. Also, remember that both the repair and the correct maintenance of your equipment are basic aspects to guarantee a long useful life for all your appliances.

Remember that, to keep up to date with the latest news in repair and spare parts for electrical appliances, you can check our blog. We regularly share tips that will help you repair your Dicore appliances easily and conveniently.

You can discover more information in our DICORE product catalogue

Buy spare parts for your air conditioning units

We have more than 65 years experience dedicated to the spare parts distribution of all types of electrical appliances. Therefore, on our website you can buy all the products that you need safely and with the maximum guarantees. We offer you the original products with the highest quality, so you will be able to extend the life of your Dicore appliances.

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